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What Is Adaptive Apparel

Adaptive apparel, with features such as easy fasteners, adjustable closures and stretchy fabrics, simplifies dressing especially for those living with physical or cognitive changes. Adaptive clothing enables independence, ease, dignity, and comfort. As we age, we should be able to continue to wear the clothes we love. That's why we've partnered with top designers to craft our full collection. All of our clothes are easy on, easy off, easy on the eyes!

Best Sellers

Joe and Bella Adaptive clothing

Why Customers Love Joe & Bella

The nice woman who answered the phone made everything so easy. I ordered clothes for my husband and me!

Your design team knocked it out of the park! I never thought adaptive clothes could be so fashionable.

What a blessing to find you in this new chapter of our lives.

My father doesn't feel dressed up enough if he isn't wearing a button-down shirt, but Parkinson's changed all that. Thanks to your hidden magnets, he loves what he’s wearing and can again button his shirt!

These are the most comfortable pants I think I’ve ever owned.


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