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CHICAGO, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Holiday shopping can be challenging for households that are affected by a rare disease like pulmonary fibrosis (PF). That's why PF Warriors established a partnership with Joe & Bella to help make shopping a little easier. The ecommerce site created a web page specifically for PF Warriors, enabling members and their families and friends to choose a gift for someone they love while helping the nonprofit organization raise funds.

Pulmonary fibrosis, a form of interstitial lung disease (ILD), is a rare condition that causes progressive scarring of the lungs, which eventually leads to the use of supplemental oxygen for breathing. PF affects nearly five million people globally. PF Warriors is an international nonprofit organization that supports individuals — and their families and friends — with different types of ILDs, including PF.

"This collaboration with Joe & Bella is significant because it offers a new member benefit to our growing family," said Bill Vick, founder of PF Warriors. "Our partnership also makes the shopping experience easier for those who are still worried about going into a crowded environment."

"PF Warriors is a phenomenal organization that is making a meaningful difference in people's lives," said Jimmy Zollo, Joe & Bella co-founder. "Helping to increase awareness about the organization and its mission allows us the opportunity to give back." 

The shopping site will donate 15% of all proceeds purchased on the PF Warriors page back to the organization. The PF Warriors' page on Joe & Bella include products such as pulse oximeters, a speaker system for people with hearing impairments, custom-branded PF Warriors mugs, T-shirts and face masks.

PF Warriors is encouraging the general public to consider visiting Joe & Bella and help support their efforts to increase awareness about PF and ILD at:

About PF Warriors
Located in Plano, Texas, PF Warriors is nonprofit organization that serves a global community of PF/ILD patients and their families, supporters, and caregivers. Membership consists of nearly 3,000 patients throughout the US and 14 other countries. The organization's mission is to provide tools and resources for patients to live their best lives possible despite the diagnosis of advanced lung disease. PF Warriors believes in "Patients Helping Patients," and support each other by sharing current, accurate information about managing and treating lung disease. To learn more, visit To contact them you may email Bill Vick, founder at or call 972-612-8425.

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