About Us | Joe & Bella

Joe & Bella is the first contemporary adaptive-apparel brand for older adults. We make stylish, comfortable clothes that innovatively balance form and function, in turn making dressing easier, stress-free, and more dignified.  

When you are no longer able to dress yourself, your world is often turned upside down. Physical and cognitive needs can change quickly. But who we are at our core remains unchanged. Living with age-related changes does not mean, for example, wearing clothes that don’t look or feel like you. What we wear is a part of our identity. 

Joe & Bella is a “passion project” of a single family whose all-too-common experience of caring and advocating for aging parents has led them to innovate and create the finest adaptive clothing for older adults. Though Joe & Bella’s beginnings are humble and fairly recent, our promise to improve the lives of older adults, their caregivers, and families has catapulted our growth.

Joe & Bella is named after two special individuals whose strength of character & sense of humor inspired and comforted our family during one unforgettable evening more than a decade ago. (Read “Our Story” to learn more.

Our mission is to bring more dignity, joy, and ease to the lives of older adults and those who care for them and – in doing so – helping older adults rediscover and express their identities through what they wear.