Safety Tape Safety-Walk Tread Rolls

Safety Tape Safety-Walk Tread Rolls

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This safety tape has enabled many of our customers to stay in their homes, safely and independently, longer than they would have without it.

With this product installed, you can put your mind at ease that there won't be a dark slippery floor under your feet during a nighttime bathroom visit. And, you'll be able to walk up and down your stairs with confidence. For those aging at home, this is a must-have!

Product Features:

  • Helps prevent slips and falls in heavy-traffic work areas, ramps, and walkways.
  • Mineral-coated, high-friction slip-resistant surface.
  • A highly durable surface withstands the rigors of equipment traffic.
  • Low-profile design helps reduce trip hazards.
  • High-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy application.
  • Use on flat surfaces, steps, stairways, entrances, ramps, ladders, lawn equipment, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery, and vehicles.
  • NFSI High Traction Certification.