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      Ready to learn about how adaptive clothing for seniors makes dressing easier? Or curious what exactly constitutes adaptive clothing? Over the pa...
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    Adaptive pants are a game-changer for older adults who live with changes related to mobility and independence. Whether you are looking for solution...
  • Adaptive Clothing for Seniors with Disabilities: A Guide

    The most overlooked aspect of safe care is the most basic: the daily dressing process, which can cause stress, strain, pain, and injuries. The solution is simple but too often overlooked: adaptive clothing for seniors.
  • Dogs & Older Adults: A Magical Connection

    Peter Zollo, co-founders of Joe & Bella, an adaptive-apparel brand for older adults -- writes on the unique relationship between dogs and older adults.
  • Joe & Bella: 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards Winner

    Joe & Bella, the adaptive-apparel brand for older adults, received the “Up & Comer” award at the 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards.
  • Adaptive Pants for Seniors - Joe & Bella's Latest Product!

    The Everyday Freedom Pant by Joe & Bella are comfortable adaptive pants for seniors that make dressing easier while keeping you stylish!
  • Joe & Bella Adaptive Apparel: Making a Difference

    Joe & Bella is a fashion-forward adaptive-apparel brand, focused on merging style and innovation to improve the dressing experience.
  • Joe & Bella: Chicago Innovation's Award

    We're honored to be nominated for the 2022 People's Choice Award from Chicago Innovation! Please help us win by voting!
  • Most Innovative Adaptive Clothing Brand 2022

    Joe & Bella was recently honored with Global Health & Pharma's 2022 award for Most Innovative Adaptive Clothing Brand.
  • Clothing for Parkinson's Patients Makes Dressing Easier

    Dressing with Parkinson's can be challenging. Adaptive clothing and other strategies can make the dressing process so much easier and less stressful.
  • Moving Your Loved One into Memory Care [Part 1]

    What should you expect when it comes to your family member’s adjustment and acclimation into the memory-care community?