Collection: Adaptive Clothing for Handicapped

Handicap adaptive clothing plays a pivotal role in enhancing the comfort and independence of individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. At Joe & Bella, we offer a specialized range of adaptive clothing designed to cater to the diverse requirements of handicapped adults.

Easy Access Clothing for Physically Disabled

Adaptive Tops

For those looking for handicap clothing for seniors that improves assisted dressing, Joe & Bella has created an innovative collection of open-back shirts. Our Everyday Polo for Men and Everyday Long-Sleeve Top for Women open in the back like a hospital gown, allowing the wearer to slip their arms in without raising over their head. Secured with discrete snaps along the side seam, our open-back tops speed up the dressing process for those that need help from another person while making it easier and safer.

Adaptive Pants

Joe & Bella offers three different styles of adaptive pants for our handicap clothing line. Each features different options depending on your needs. CareZips® includes a patented inseam zipper that makes this piece of handicap clothing a perfect option for those who use a catheter or other medical device. Everyday Side-Zip Pants include two waist-to-knee side zippers that make pulling them on easier, helping some adults remain independent when dressing. Freedom Chinos, which feature waist-to-ankle side zippers, are our most polished pants for all occasions and are a wonderful option of clothing for handicapped adults.

Gripper Socks

Non-slip grip socks are an essential component of dressing for seniors and people with disabilities. They play a vital role in preventing slips and falls, which can have serious consequences. At Joe & Bella, we understand the importance of safe and comfortable footwear for our loved ones, which is why we created wonderful non-slip socks designed to enhance daily living and promote safety and independence.

Magnetic Closure Shirts

Joe & Bella’s Everyday Magnetic Button Down makes one-handed dressing easier. It’s a men’s handicap clothing option for those who live with limited mobility or dexterity in their hands and fingers.

Features of Handicapped Adaptive Clothing

Our handicapped adaptive clothing boasts several features that are designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals living with physical challenges. All of our clothing for handicap adults feature premium fabric that’s durable, comfortable and includes plenty of stretch and breathability. Our clothing for physically handicapped people feature easy-to-use closures that ensure easy dressing, including zippers, magnets and easy snaps.

How Does Adaptive Clothing Help Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals?

Handicap clothing not only benefits the individuals wearing it but also provides significant assistance to caregivers and healthcare professionals. Our adaptive pants and tops include large openings and easy closures. Caregivers won’t need to strain or spend long periods of time trying to help people fit into tight-fitting clothes.

Regain Confidence with Handicap Adaptive Clothing

Our adaptive clothing is designed to empower handicapped adults, helping them regain confidence and independence in their daily lives. Our handicapped clothing for women and men truly simplifies and eases the dressing process. Discover how wearing adaptive clothing can make a positive difference for individuals with unique needs.