Collection: Adaptive Clothing for Special Needs

Joe & Bella's range of adaptive clothing is tailored to ease dressing difficulties for special-need adults. In addition to making dressing easier, our adaptive clothing for special-need individuals is designed to provide comfort and promote independence. Options like CareZips®, Everyday Side Zip Pants, Men’s Everyday Polo and even our grippy socks are soft with minimal seams and simple closures, making them perfect for those living with special needs.

Special Needs Clothing for Difficulties

Traditional clothing can often be obstructive and uncomfortable for individuals with special needs. Our adaptive wear is specially designed to address these challenges, with breathable fabric with four-way stretch, elastic waistbands and ergonomic fits, offering a solution for those with conditions such as cerebral palsy, limited mobility, sensory sensitivities, and more. People living with down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and those who have limited executive function benefit from the ease and comfort of Joe & Bella clothing.

Features of Joe & Bella’s Special Needs Clothing


Our clothing is wheelchair-friendly, with soft and comfortable fabrics that don't cause irritation or discomfort during extended periods of sitting. Our adaptive pants are specially designed for seated comfort with an ergonomic design. The seat of the pants is slightly higher, so the waistband won’t fall down and your pants won’t bunch up in your lap when seated.

Encourages Independence

Joe & Bella’s adaptive clothes promote independence for individuals living with mobility disabilities or conditions such as cerebral palsy. Our Everyday Magnetic Button-Down replaces buttons with hidden magnets, making one-handed dressing easy. CareZips® include an inseam zipper which enables individuals to change their own briefs, catheters, ostomy bags and other medical devices. These innovative solutions empower people to dress themselves with greater ease and safety.

Incontinence Clothing

Our adaptive pants for men and adaptive pants for women are suitable for wearing over incontinence pads or underwear, providing both dignity and practicality for individuals who require such support. In fact, we designed CareZips® and our Everyday Freedom Pant so wearing a full incontinence brief is not noticeable. And with zippers that provide easy access, changing will be significantly easier.

Sensory-Friendly Clothing

Our fabrics are chosen for their softness and non-irritating properties, making them ideal for individuals who have sensory sensitivities. Our sensory-friendly clothing enhances comfort and overall well-being.

Provide Comfort and Care with Joe & Bella

At Joe & Bella, we are dedicated to providing comfort and care through our adaptive clothing for individuals with special needs. Our clothing for special needs adults is thoughtfully designed to enhance the lives of those living with such challenges. Explore our range and discover how our adaptive clothing can make a positive difference.