Freedom Chinos - Stylish Adaptive Pants for Men

Elevate Your Style and Comfort with Joe & Bella's Freedom Chinos: The Most Polished Adaptive Pants Ever!

Freedom Chinos  adaptive pants for men | joe & bella

As we age, even simple tasks like putting on pants can be difficult, let alone trying to find clothes that fit well and look stylish. That's where Joe & Bella's newest product, Freedom Chinos for Men comes in. Designed for those who need a little extra assistance when getting dressed, these pants are the perfect combination of style and comfort.

According to Jimmy Zollo, CEO of Joe & Bella, "Our goal with Freedom Chinos was to create a product that not only makes getting dressed easier, but also looks great and feels comfortable to wear. We want to give people the freedom to dress independently and with confidence."

Freedom Chinos - The Features

Freedom Chinos are adaptive pants that have a modern, relaxed fit that follows the lines of the body, making these polished pants suitable for a range of occasions. But what sets them apart are the innovative design features that make them easy to put on and take off. Two discreet side zippers extend from waist to ankle and close with easy snaps and extra-long zipper pulls. The zippers can be opened from the top or bottom, so it's easy to put them on with shoes already on. The side snaps are positioned slightly forward to avoid pressure points, ensuring maximum comfort.

Freedom Chinos adaptive pants for men | joe & bella

In addition to long zippers, Freedom Chinos have pull-up handles discreetly located on the inside of the waistband, giving the wearer something easy to grab and pull up. The stretch waistband and performance-stretch fabric adjust to all body types, but still maintain the classic look of a chino waistband. The ergonomic fit and modern design ensure that the pants won't slide or bunch up while seated, making them an ideal clothing for wheelchair users.

The Style

Cara Sumpton, the lead designer for Joe & Bella, said: "We didn't want to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality with these adaptive pants. We used a premium fabric and paid close attention to the details, so the Freedom Chinos look just as good as they feel." The front pleats provide a flattering shape, while also helping to hide incontinence products if they're being worn. The Freedom Chinos for men and Freedom Chinos for women both focus on functionality as well as the style. 

Freedom Chinos side zip pants for men | joe & bella

Freedom Chinos - How They Help

Freedom Chinos are particularly helpful for older adults who experience pain or discomfort when getting dressed, as well as for those who require assistance from a caregiver. They're also appropriate for adults who dress independently but need a little extra help due to mobility or dexterity changes. The side zippers make changing incontinence products much easier, allowing for quick and simple dressing, even in a seated position. The large openings provided by the zippers remove friction and tension, making it easy to get dressed without any unnecessary wiggling or squirming.

freedom chinos adaptive clothing for men | Joe & Bella

For those with tremors or reduced coordination, the long zipper pulls and wide openings provide easier ways to put on the pants – without requiring as much coordination, precision, or strength as compared to traditional pants. Freedom Chinos are also ideal for those recovering from a medical procedure that impacts mobility or dexterity, or living with a chronic condition like Parkinson's, MS, ALS, and Alzheimer's.

Joe & Bella's Freedom Chinos are a game changer for those who need a little extra help when getting dressed. With their combination of style and comfort, along with innovative design features, these pants are a must-have for anyone who values both fashion and functionality. We’re so proud to have created a product that will help improve the daily lives of so many people. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

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