Our Adaptive Fashion

Joe & Bella: A New Generation of Adaptive Fashion.

Joe & Bella | Women's Adaptive Dress Pants in navy

What we wear is part of our identity. We believe that as we age, we should continue to be able to wear clothes that look and feel like us

Yet, for older adults experiencing cognitive, motor, and/or mobility changes, the process of getting dressed and undressed can be stressful, painful, and stigmatizing. This same process can also be physically taxing and needlessly time-consuming for care partners.

At Joe & Bella, we’re dedicated to creating adaptive fashion that are easy and quick to put on and take off. We do not compromise on quality or style. Much the opposite: we’re driven to innovate, informed by research and testing. We’ve brought on the designers of some of the world’s most successful consumer and technical apparel brands to create each of our items.

Everyone working on Joe & Bella shares the same passion and vision: To bring dignity, comfort, and confidence to older adults by extending independent dressing, while easing the challenges of assisted dressing.

We are product to offer our original adaptive fashion products, which you find here: men's adaptive pants, men's adaptive shirts, women's adaptive pants, and women's adaptive shirts.
Or, if you are searching for adaptive apparel for a specific need, you can our adaptive apparel by these categories Clothes for Dementia, Clothes for Parkinson's, Pants for Incontinence, Post Surgery Clothing, and Clothing For Wheelchair Users.
If it doesn't seem like we have exactly what you're looking for, please let us know how we can help. We want to hear from you.