Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Grandparents

Valentine’s Day can bring mixed emotions to older adults, especially those who no longer live with their partner. But you can help make this day special for the older adult in your life by showing how much you appreciate them. It’s important to find occasions to celebrate, to break up the routine, and bring an extra smile to their face. Whether your Valentine is a parent, grandparent, friend, acquaintance, or spouse, the following Valentine's Day gift guide will help you find just that perfect little gift to help you express your affection. 

Gifts for Grammy


Homemade & Personalized Gifts

My grandma would always prefer her grandkids write (and draw) a beautiful card than spend money on a gift. She saved all of these, often hanging them on the fridge as “show-off material” for her friends when they would visit. When she moved into assisted living, her room overflowed with framed pictures of her family. So, adding another framed photo was always a winning gift.

Can’t decide on just one picture to share? Then why not get your loved one a digital photo frame that automatically scrolls through many photos. And you can even add in photos on the go, constantly keeping the frame refreshed with new images. 


Or get her something sweet! A little box of favorite homemade treats is sure to bring a smile. Even better, cook together! My grandma loved to bake, and got so excited later in life for chances to bake some cookies as an activity. Not a baker or cook? There are plenty of companies that will ship gift boxes with delicious treats!


Fun Activities 

Spending quality time together is often better than any physical gift that you can provide. But think through how to make this activity special. Here are a few ideas:

  • Watch a favorite romantic movie
  • Go on a walk (if it’s warm enough) and enjoy the outdoors
  • Set up a virtual call with friends or family.
  • Play a card game
  • Share memories and stories – 
  • Work on a puzzle 
  • Read a book, poetry or listen to music.
  • Coloring or activity books
  • Subscription to a favorite magazine
Gift for Nanna

Special gift box with storybook journal!



My grandma used to love getting me clothes for the holidays, so now it’s my turn to return the favor! 

  • Anti-slip socks
  • A pair of easy-on, easy-off shoes
Adaptive Apparel Gifts for Grandmother
Easy-access gym shoes!

Practical Gifts

What does your loved one actually need? Or what is out there that might make their life a bit easier, more comfortable or more engaging? A Valentine's Day gift guide for grandparents should be fully of practical gifts!

  • Weighted blanket
  • Headphones or wireless speakers
  • A new makeup kit
  • Hire a cleaning service for their house
  • An e-reader with downloaded books
  • A new easy-to-use cell phone
  • Essential oil scent diffuser
  • Big-button phone or remote 
Gifts for Grandma for Valentine's Day

Phone with big buttons designed for older adults


Valentine’s Day is all about being there for those you love and showing them your appreciation. Whether you give them something homemade, something you bought, or just spending time with them, it’s the thought that counts the most. Share in the comments what gifts you're giving your older Valentines this year! Hope this Valentine's Day gift guide helped!

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