Adaptive Shirt for Men: The Everyday Polo

At Joe & Bella, we believe that fashion should be inclusive and empowering for everyone, regardless of their mobility or assistance needs. So, we are particularly thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: the Men’s Everyday Polo, an adaptive shirt for men. This classically styled polo is thoughtfully designed to cater to assisted dressers who seek both fashion and ease. With its unique side-seam closure and discreet hidden snaps, our adaptive polo revolutionizes the way individuals dress, ensuring effortless comfort and a seamless appearance. Join us as we delve into the details of this remarkable garment that combines functionality, fashion, and ease.

The Everyday Polo by Joe & Bella

Men's Everyday Adaptive Polo | Joe & Bella

The Polo is a timeless and perennially popular style for men of all ages. That’s why we wanted to create a premium adaptive shirt for men for those who need help when getting dressed. For those who are unable to dress independently, wearing a shirt like a long-sleeve polo can be a difficult, frustrating, and even painful ordeal. Good news. With Joe & Bella’s Everyday Polo, all of those difficulties are gone.  

Say goodbye to the challenges of conventional dressing methods. Joe & Bella’s Everyday Polo introduces a game-changing side-seam closure system that enables you to effortlessly dress with the help of another person. With just a few simple motions, the shirt opens up in the back like a hospital gown, eliminating the need to raise your arms over your head or struggle with tight sleeves. Embracing the convenience of an open-back design, the Everyday Polo ensures quick and comfortable dressing for those who require assistance.

Discreet Design for a Seamless Look 

shirt for men with disabilities | joe & bella

We understand the importance of maintaining personal style and dignity. That's why the adaptive Polo features discreet hidden snaps along the side seam, ensuring a secure closure without sacrificing aesthetics. These strategically positioned snaps allow the polo to appear like any other classic garment, blending seamlessly into your wardrobe. Bid farewell to the conspicuous adaptations of the past and embrace a sleek, timeless look that exudes confidence. 

Jimmy Zollo, CEO of Joe & Bella, emphasizes the transformative impact of the Everyday Polo: "Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals facing dressing challenges. The Everyday Polo provides a solution that goes beyond functionality. It restores dignity, boosts self-esteem, and empowers individuals to embrace their personal style while reducing so much frustration and even pain that is associated with dressing. We are proud to offer a garment that brings joy and freedom to people's lives."

We felt it was important to ensure this shirt looks like other polo shirts. Some adaptive polos by other brands have large buttons that travel down the middle of the back. Others only use a couple of buttons at the top of the shoulder, leaving the wearer one wind-gust away from the shirt flapping open; Joe & Bella’s Everyday Polo will remain closed and look great. 

Adaptive Shirt for Men for Assisted Dressing 

Open Back Shirt for Seniors | Joe & Bella

The Adaptive Polo is meticulously designed to empower individuals who experience difficulty in getting dressed. Whether it's hand dexterity or mobility limitations, cognitive changes, arthritis or tremors, reduced vision, this polo is tailored to meet your unique needs. This top will help those living with chronic conditions like Parkinson’s and dementia as well as those recovering from surgery, stroke, heart attack and traumatic brain injury. 

The Everyday Polo eliminates the need for intricate hand movements, providing a seamless dressing experience. By eliminating tight-fitting holes that require plenty of mobility, this shirt promises to save time while reducing stress and strain.

Joe & Bella’s Everyday Polo Helps Caregivers, Too

joe & bella | adaptive clothes for seniors 

For many family members, loved ones and professional caregivers who provide care, dressing can be a tedious, time-consuming and tense process. Many caregivers discuss how dressing time negatively impacts their relationship with their loved one. And with so many other important priorities, long dressing times can become extremely stressful. Joe & Bella’s adaptive polo for men will truly improve this experience, not just for the person wearing the polo, but for their loved ones and caregivers as well. 

If you want to get some time back in your day, and no longer start and finish your day with a long dressing process, you might even like this adaptive shirt for men more than the wearer!

From Casual to Chic: The Adaptive Polo for Every Occasion

The Everyday Adaptive Polo | adaptive shirt for men | joe & bella

This adaptive polo for men goes beyond functionality, effortlessly transitioning from casual to chic, depending on your desired look. Pair it with adaptive athleisure pants (like our Everyday Pants) for a relaxed outing with friends, or dress it up with adaptive chinos (like our Freedom Chinos) for a professional setting or special occasion. Its timeless design and versatility ensure that you'll always be dressed for success, embracing comfort and style in equal measure.

At Joe & Bella, we believe that adaptive fashion should never compromise on style. The Everyday Polo embodies this philosophy, seamlessly integrating functionality and aesthetics. Designed by a famed designer behind some of Lululemon’s most iconic products, our adaptive polo just looks great. "We wanted to create an adaptive polo that not only provided practical benefits but also exuded style and sophistication," explains Cara Sumpton, lead designer at Joe & Bella. "The hidden snaps and side-seam closure offer a clean and polished look, allowing the wearer to feel confident and fashionable."

Crafted with Care for Lasting Quality

At Joe & Bella, we take pride in our commitment to quality and comfort. The Everyday Polo for Men is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using premium materials that prioritize your comfort and ensure lasting durability. The fabric's softness and breathability guarantee a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day. Designed to withstand regular wear and washing, the Everyday Polo will retain its shape, color, and overall quality, becoming a trusted companion on your style journey.

Joe & Bella's Adaptive Polo embodies a new era of inclusive fashion, where comfort, style, and independence harmoniously converge. With its innovative side-seam closure and discreet hidden snaps, this polo redefines assisted dressing, enabling individuals to dress effortlessly while maintaining their personal sense of fashion. Embrace convenience, embrace confidence, and rediscover the joy of dressing with the adaptive Everyday Polo from Joe & Bella. Elevate your wardrobe and experience the liberation

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